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What we do

Scale, secure and monetise third-party data assets via AI/ML/DLT-driven fintech solutions.

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Material value for clients

There is a broad global supply and availability of high-quality data and computing technologies, but a shortage of compelling business models and limited market access for the available tech.

SAPIO was established to remove access barriers to Fintech; creating material value for new Fintech providers and for their clients. Our approach delivers tangible value by accelerating clients’ access to vetted solutions, integrating and deploying complementary technologies for greater value-added, and opening-up market access in Asia.

We link technology, analytics, and process excellence to business outcomes such as superior growth of revenue and profit.

SAPIO’s analytics and decisioning workflow improve all key metrics for the origination value chain:

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AI, better data, smarter decisions

Know more about what your customers want, before they know it themselves. With AI, SAPIO derives data insights and builds predictive decision engines that drive smarter decisions for your organisation.

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How we do it

SAPIO AI/ML Workflow

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We focus on transformative impact

SAPIO create new business and revenue models for clients by focusing on the two complementary fintech areas of:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
AI and ML-driven fintech services generate rich customer data for optimised customer acquisition and scalable revenue acceleration​

2. Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).
Bespoke (private) blockchain services deliver streamlined business operations, significant cost reductions, and accelerated cash flow cycles

SAPIO delivers custom solutions to your specific problems with tech that has a measurable (even transformational) impact on client business.
We bundle suitable technologies together with our extensive experience, to perform strategic analysis and determine market fit.

Our domain-specific expertise includes…

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Data - analysis - solution

Structured information in existing databases only tells around 10% of the story. Extract value from the other untapped 90% of unstructured ‘human information’ by using the right SAPIO tools to leverage and focus information.

  • Capitalise on the power of big data and analytics
  • Move beyond purely transactional to profit from experience data
  • Understand your customers’ behaviours and choices on a deeper level

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Core tech behind our solutions

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SAPIO technology partners

Through collaboration comes innovation


SAPIO has a partnership with CredoLab, a global leader in the use of alternative data and artificial intelligence/machine learning to accurately predict customer behaviour and choices for targeting optimisation.

The S in SDLT stands for SAPIO and DLT for distributed ledger technology! SDLT designs, builds, and manages private blockchain solutions with integrated AI capabilities for enterprise clients and government agencies.

Financial services and other third-party partners include:

Bank and non-bank lenders [retail only]
For transactional (current and savings accounts), credit, and investment products
Insurers [retail only]
For life, health, property, casualty, motor, and other general insurance
Financial aggregators
Industry focus for database partners including commerce, telecommunications, media, digital/physical retail companies, and airlines. 

Our global reach

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The team

gary pound sapio ai

Gary Pound
Director of Operations

marcello fontana sapio ai

Marcello Fontana
Director of Strategy and Analytics

adrian apperley sapio ai

Adrian Apperley
Director of Market Development

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