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27Feb 24

Can We Drastically Reduce AI Training Costs? This AI Paper from MIT, Princeton, and …

Training Large Language Models (LLMs) involves two main phases: pre-training on extensive datasets and fine-tuning for specific tasks. While pre-training requires significant computational resources, fine-tuning adds comparatively less new information to the model, making it more compressible. This pretrain-finetune paradigm has greatly advanced machine learning, allowing LLMs to excel in various tasks and adapt to
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27Feb 24

AI accelerates process design for 3D printing metal alloys – Tech Xplore

Pipeline of the proposed in situ process development approach. A high-speed imaging setup is used to monitor the dynamic changes in the molten pool, and the spatio-temporal data is used to classify the process into different types of defects and printing regimes using video vision transformers. The variability in the morphological attributes of the molten
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27Feb 24

Panel will explore the philosophy of artificial intelligence | Around the O

A panel of experts on the philosophy of artificial intelligence will discuss the challenges of AI and other data-driven technologies at discussion March 1 in the Knight Library Browsing Room. Three University of Oregon humanities scholars — Ramón Alvarado, Mattie Burkert and Colin Koopman — will talk through the philosophy of AI, computation, digital humanities
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26Feb 24

Kiwi MSPs move fast to embrace AI opportunities – Reseller News

Credit: Reseller News While 2023 was the year in which usable generative artificial intelligence emerged, 2024 is already shaping up as the year of AI delivery. Within New Zealand's ICT ecosystem, managed service providers (MSPs) are already deploying AI solutions to address skills shortages, control costs, and automate processes for improved service and cost efficiency.
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